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Born and raised on Long Island, New York, I have been creating and studying art my entire life. Since graduating from Hofstra University, I have been pursuing my passion in as many various forms as I can, and I am very excited to launch this website and have a place for all of my work. My clients include Howard Johnson Hotels, Saf-T-Swim swim schools, Society Inc., Century 21 Real Estate, and various businesses and clients throughout Long Island and New York City. 
For any questions or requests regarding commissions please feel free to contact me

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2023 Convention Schedule 

March 15th 2023

It's good to be back! This year i'll be doing more conventions then ever before, and traveling even farther too. The season is ramping up and I can't wait to get on the road and share some of my newest work with the fans, i'll see you all in Artist's Alley!

CT Gamer Con, Montville CT

Mar 18-19

C2E2, Chicago IL

Mar 31-Apr2

Wicked Comic Con, Boston MA

Apr 22-23

Motor City Comic Con, Novi MI

May 19-21

Fan Expo Philly, Philadelphia PA

Jun 2-2

Heroes Con, Charlotte NC

Jun 16-18

Nickel City Con, Buffalo NY

Jun 30-Jul 2

Eternal Con, Hempstead NY

Jul 8-9

Terrificon, Montville CT

Jul 28-30

Fan Expo Boston, Boston MA

Aug 4-6

Baltimore Comic Con, Baltimore MD

Sep 8-10

NYCC, New York NY

Oct 12-15

Rhode Island Comic Con, Providence RI

Nov 3-5

Galaxy Con Columbus, Columbus OH

Dec 1-3

Majora's Mask 2.jpg

The Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask

March 2nd 2023

My all time favorite game in my favorite series; Majora's Mask! I just completed the latest piece in my ongoing quest to do a massive 12" x 36" painting for each Zelda console title, and I think it's my best work to date. It took a while to get the composition down, because as a super fan of this game I knew I had to fit in every detail of Termina and it's residents, which left such a deep impression on me as a young kid playing the game for the first time. But after about 2-3 long months of work, I think I did the game justice. With this piece finished, I'll be taking a break from Zelda for a moment, to get around to some other franchises I have yet to touch. But don't worry, there's always more great art on the way! 

Take a look at the full piece in my gallery, and click the image to the left to get your prints!

joblo-home-og-2021.png Interview

August 7th 2022

It's an honor to announce that this month i'll be featured on my absolute favorite movie news website, under their 'Awesome Artists From Around The Net" article. As a long time reader of their site, and in particular this ongoing series, it feels very surreal to actually be on it for the first time. JoBlo has been my primary source for all my movie news for years, because it's an amazing aggregate of all my interests in the movie and TV world.

Click the image to the left to read the interview, and make sure to check out the rest of their site as well! 

2022 convention schedule.jpg

2022 Convention Schedule 

March 15th 2022

And we're back! All the regular shows are back and in full swing, and I can't wait to get out there to some new markets, and old favorites. After the soft openings last year of some cons coming back for the first time since covid, this year looks almost indistinguishable from regular life. No more capacity restrictions or mandates at most events, and people can't wait to come out! Below are all my dates as of now, but as always keep up with the Instagram for the latest updates. I'll see you at the con!

Fan Expo, Philly

April 8-10

Heroes Con, Charolette NC

June 24-26

Eternal Con, Long Island NY

July 2-3

Terrificon, Mohegan Sun CT

July 29-31

C2E2, Chicago IL

August 5-7

NYCC, New York NY

October 6-9

Baltimore CC, Baltimore MD

October 28-30

Rhode Island CC, Providence RI

November 4-6

2021 Black Friday Sale.jpg

Black Friday Sale

November 25nd, 2021

Black Friday sale! 20% off all prints, if you’ve been eyeing that one special piece, this is your chance to get it! Sale starts at midnight and runs all of Black Friday the 26th. Sale runs on both my Etsy page and website, enjoy!

Skyward Sword Wind Waker.jpg

The Legend of Zelda

October 10th, 2021

A celebration of all things Zelda! Just finished two of my largest and most intricate paintings yet; Skyward Sword and Wind Waker. Both at 12" x 36" whether it's the long vertical, or panoramic horizontal, they give me just enough space to capture the entire game all in one image, and this is only the beginning. I've decided that these are the first two in a series that will cover every main title in the Legend of Zelda series. Next up is my absolute favorite game of all time, Majora's Mask! These are big passion projects that I can only work on in and around paid work, so it'll take a while to create each one, but make sure to check out my Instagram for all of the latest updates. And don't forget to grab your prints on my Etsy shop or store!

2021 Convention Schedule

2021 Convention Schedule

July 15th, 2021

Well it looks like the waters have receded, and a little bit of regular life has come back into view, because Comic Con is back! After a long year and a half stuck at home, I am very happy to share my convention schedule with everyone. First show back will be Terrificon in Mohegan Sun CT, and the rest can be viewed below. Obviously all of this is subject to the dynamics of the ever changing world we find ourselves in these days, but if the show is still on, you can count on me being there. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for the latest updates, looking forward to see you all again at the con!

Terrificon, CT

Jul 30 - Aug 1st


Eternal Con, NY

Aug 7 - 8

The Legendary Art Show

Aug 28

New York Comic Con, NY

Oct 7 - 10

Baltimore Comic Con, MD

Oct 22 - 24

Super Smash Bros. Melee

My Greatest Painting (so far)

February 3rd, 2021

It's finally ready. A fun, personal, side project that's around two years in the making is at long last, ready to show. I had the idea for this piece, a Rococo style conglomeration of all the characters from Super Smash Bros. Melee, a few years ago, and would work on it very slowly around and in between paid work. The idea was that it's the entire game, all in one image. You can stare at it for an hour and still find new little characters, items, easter eggs, and details. It's my biggest project to date, and I couldn't be more proud of it. Click on the image to the left to see how it was made, and also grab a print in my store.

Next up in this style, I have in mind something for Avatar, The Last Airbender. But, as the size and amount of detail would suggest, it'll take a little while.

Homepage news image template.jpg

Dawning of Superheroes Trilogy

December, 29th 2020

Very happy to announce the latest trilogy of covers I completed with super star author Jeremy Flagg! I can confidently say that this is my best work to date, and the story that lies beyond these cover images rises, and in some cases even surpasses, that level of quality. This latest series in his 'Children of Nostradamus' universe is a prequel trilogy to 'The Night Quartet' Collection. Take a look at the description for book one below, and click the image to the left to get your copy now!

Awaken the Daughter:

What would you sacrifice to change a future soaked in blood?

Eleanor sees fragments of the future, but despite her efforts, she can’t alter destiny. Even as a young woman surviving in 1943, she believes the visions are a curse from the devil himself. But when she finds a grifter with the ability to read her mind, she realizes she is not alone.

A killer stalks those with gifts.

Eleanor tempts fate and sets out to stop the murders. But in her quest to protect those like her, Eleanor discovers something darker then murder living in the souls of men. To be victorious, she only needs to unwrite the future.

Fans of urban fantasy, superheroes, and bold kick-ass women will fall in love with Eleanor as she ushers in the rise of superheroes.

Comiccon 2020 corona virus

2020 Convention Schedule

June, 1st 2020

Well this is usually around the time of year where I would happily announce my convention schedule here, but seems like the world had other plans. At this point it's pretty much safe to say that the entire year is a wash, no conventions anywhere. To any friends and fans who I have met throughout the years at previous cons, and to any new fans who I was looking forward to meeting, thanks so much for your continued support, and we'll just have to go even bigger and better when things open back up. Best of luck to everyone during these scary times, stay safe and healthy, and i'll see you all again!


RAW Natural Born Artists, Live show

January 9th 2020

​Starting 2020 off with something new! End of the month I’ll be at the RAW Artists ‘Premier’ showcase! It’s a multimedia event that showcases independent talent in the arts, film, music, and tech. I’ll be live painting at the event, and everyone who get a ticket through my page gets a free print!


Click the image to the left to get your tickets, and find out more about the event!

Screen Shot 2020-04-19 at 4.39.05 PM.png

'Children of Nostradamus' Book Series

January 19th 2020

It's been a joy the past few months to work with acclaimed writer Jeremy Flagg on the covers of his book series 'Children of Nostradamus', and I am happy to say that the entire collection is out now! The series contains 5 books (so far), each cover containing a different character from the story showcasing their powers and attitude. Utilizing my trademark combination of black and grey tones with a splash of color, each image stands on it's own, but when all of the covers are lined up side by side, the backgrounds link together to form one cohesive piece! Having read the series myself, I can assure anyone who is a fan of the sci-fi or fantasy genre that it its a great time, and I am so happy and honored to be a part of it.

Read the description for book 1, 'Nighthawks', below, and click the picture to the left to check out Jeremy Flagg and get your copy!


Conthan's only talents are sarcasm and art. Until he kills a Marine with powers he didn't know he had.  Now, Conthan has to adapt, and fast, because he's not the only one in danger.
Children of Nostradamus are being imprisoned and corrupted by The Warden. And it's only a matter of time before he uses them to unleash his vicious plans.
To stop him, Conthan must risk his humanity to become the hero he never wanted to be. ​
Fans of X-Men & X-Force will love this fast-paced introduction to the Children of Nostradamus Universe. 

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