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Born and raised on Long Island, New York, I have been creating and studying art my entire life. Since graduating from Hofstra University, I have been pursuing my passion in as many various forms as I can, and I am very excited to launch this website and have a place for all of my work. My clients include Howard Johnson Hotels, Saf-T-Swim swim schools, Society Inc., Century 21 Real Estate, and various businesses and clients throughout Long Island and New York City. 
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2020 Convention Schedule

June 01, 2020

Well this is usually around the time of year where I would happily announce my convention schedule here, but seems like the world had other plans. At this point it's pretty much safe to say that the entire year is a wash, no conventions anywhere. To any friends and fans who I have met throughout the years at previous cons, and to any new fans who I was looking forward to meeting, thanks so much for your continued support, and we'll just have to go even bigger and better when things open back up. Best of luck to everyone during these scary times, stay safe and healthy, and i'll see you all again!

RAW Natural Born Artists, Live show

January 29, 2020

Starting 2020 off with something new! End of the month I’ll be at the RAW Artists ‘Premier’ showcase! It’s a multimedia event that showcases independent talent in the arts, film, music, and tech. I’ll be live painting at the event, and everyone who get a ticket through my page gets a free print! Click the image to the right to get your tickets, and find out more about the event!

'Children of Nostradamus' Book Series

January 19, 2020

It's been a joy the past few months to work with acclaimed writer Jeremy Flagg on the covers of his book series 'Children of Nostradamus', and I am happy to say that the entire collection is out now! The series contains 5 books (so far), each cover containing a different character from the story showcasing their powers and attitude. Utilizing my trademark combination of black and grey tones with a splash of color, each image stands on it's own, but when all of the covers are lined up side by side, the backgrounds link together to form one cohesive piece! Having read the series myself, I can assure anyone who is a fan of the sci-fi or fantasy genre that it its a great time, and I am so happy and honored to be a part of it.

Read the description for book 1, 'Nighthawks', below, and click the picture to the left to check out Jeremy Flagg and get your copy!


Conthan's only talents are sarcasm and art. Until he kills a Marine with powers he didn't know he had.  Now, Conthan has to adapt, and fast, because he's not the only one in danger.
Children of Nostradamus are being imprisoned and corrupted by The Warden. And it's only a matter of time before he uses them to unleash his vicious plans.
To stop him, Conthan must risk his humanity to become the hero he never wanted to be. ​
Fans of X-Men & X-Force will love this fast-paced introduction to the Children of Nostradamus Universe. 

NYCC '19 Wrap up

October 07, 2019

What an incredible weekend. Foremost I have to thank everyone who came out and stopped by my booth. From selling a few 5ft originals, to hundreds of prints, to anyone who just stopped by and had some kind words about my work, I was overwhelmed by the love and support. I had a fan get Sean Schemmel and Christopher Sabat sign my Goku and Vegeta prints, and thanks to the great Bill Higa over at Marvel, The God of Mischief, Tom Hiddleston himself owns my artwork. New York Comic Con was the first convention I ever went to, and to now be a part of it is a dream come true. To everyone reaching out for commissions and orders, I’m getting through everything as fast as I can, and the new prints I had at the show will be available on my Etsy shop soon. Thanks again, and keep an eye out, there’s still more to come!

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