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Captain America Endgame 'Splatter' Print

  • My, and many others, favorite moment in Endgame. The way this was teed up years ago in Avengers Age of Ultron was perfect, and the way it played out in climactic battle against Thanos made it worth the wait. Cap has long been my favorite Avengers. Amongst the big three, him, Iron Man, and Thor, you could easily make the case that physically he's the weakest. But what makes him great is the fact that despite this, he places himself right on the front line of battle, and excels with his ingenuity and master fighting style. But once he can get a hold of Mjolnir, we see that in a one on one battle, he gave Thanos the best beating of anyone. Hopefully I captured the literal electricity of that moment in this painting, I hope you like it.

    Image sized at 11" x 17" with a white 1/2" border, bringing the total print size to 12" x 18". Or 16" x 26" with a white 1" border, bringing the total print size to 18" x 28". Print ships in a rolled art tube with an original signature by the artist.

    For framing uniquely sized prints such as this, I always recommend "" They are the same quality you would get at a brick and mortar custom framing shop, but less then half of the price. Just go to the top right on the home page where it says "Shop by Size", enter the dimensions you see here, and you'll be on your way. As always, feel free and reach out with any questions or comments. 

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