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Invincible vs. Omni Man, Original Painting

  • This is the original one of a kind acrylic on illustration board painting of Invincible and Omni Man, from Image comics and Amazon's 'Invincible'. Image is 11" x 17", with a 1" white border, bringing the full size to 13" x 19", and comes signed and framed. 

    Having never read the comics, I went into the Amazon Prime series with little to no expectations. The first episode moved along in a somewhat predictable and formulaic way, until those last few minutes, where it takes a big and bloody left turn. No spoilers, but things only got more and more interesting from there, and safe to say after that incredible first season, I am a diehard fan. I hoped to capture a bit of that craziness, and dysfunctional father/son relationship, in this piece, hope you like it!

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