Skyward Sword Print

  • The inspiration for this piece is a boringly obvious one; the game itself. I happen to be looking at a lot of 12" x 36" artwork at the time of first playing this game last year (I know, i'm behind), when it struck me that the relationship between sky and surface world would make for a great long vertical painting, encompassing almost everything from the game. Once I had the underlying structure of the main characters stacked on top of one another up to the sky, the rest fell into place. 

    This is a high quality, in a matte (12" x 36") or gloss (8" x 24") finish, giclee art print of an original acrylic painting of Skyward Sword from the Legend of Zelda video game series. Image size is 8" x 24", and comes unframed in a rolled art tube, with an original signature by me, the artist.