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Skyward Sword Print

  • The inspiration for this piece is a boringly obvious one; the game itself. I happen to be looking at a lot of 12" x 36" artwork at the time of first playing this game last year (I know, i'm behind), when it struck me that the relationship between sky and surface world would make for a great long vertical painting, encompassing almost everything from the game. Once I had the underlying structure of the main characters stacked on top of one another up to the sky, the rest fell into place. 

    This is a high quality, in a matte (12" x 36") or gloss (8" x 24") finish, giclee art print of an original acrylic painting of Skyward Sword from the Legend of Zelda video game series. Image size is 8" x 24", and comes unframed in a rolled art tube, with an original signature by me, the artist.

    For framing uniquely sized prints such as this, I always recommend "" They are the same quality you would get at a brick and mortar custom framing shop, but less then half of the price. Just go to the top right on the home page where it says "Shop by Size", enter the dimensions you see here, and you'll be on your way. As always, feel free and reach out with any questions or comments. 

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