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Wind Waker Print

  • I have to admit that, like many, I was a little turned off to the cartoon style of the game when it was first announced. Just entering my teens, an aesthetic that was more serious or 'adult', would have been much closer to my evolving, angsty temperament. All that was quelled immediately after turning on the game. The brightness and joy of the island hopping adventure was perfectly suited to the art style, and I fell in love with freedom of that wide open ocean. In fact that's the essence of what I am trying to capture with this piece, the feeling of having that wide blue expanse to travel with no restrictions and the wind to guide you.

    Image is 8" x 24", or 12" x 36" and comes with an original signature by the artist, shipped in a rolled art tube. 

    For framing uniquely sized prints such as this, I always recommend "" They are the same quality you would get at a brick and mortar custom framing shop, but less then half of the price. Just go to the top right on the home page where it says "Shop by Size", enter the dimensions you see here, and you'll be on your way. As always, feel free and reach out with any questions or comments. 

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